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Give It Up For A Big Win For Humanity

We don't need to hold our hands and sing around the campfire just yet. But we're close. So grab your marshmallows.

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Six pack beer holders tend to wind up in the ocean. The plastic entangles marine animals and can even become ingested. Despite the efforts to keep the plastic out of oceans, it still happens.

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Recently, Saltwater Brewery from Delray Beach, Florida, created edible, biodegradable, and compostable six pack holders that have the potential to stop any needless trouble to marine life.

We Believers

Plastic in our oceans has been a problem for decades. Now, a small step has been taken towards changing that. Give it up for humanity, y'all. A group of folks did something special!

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Go ahead! Open up a few brewskis!

But mind the plastic, darlings.

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