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Fighting The Power With...Tango?

Grab a partner and...protest!

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Yesterday, hundreds of people took to the streets in Buenos Aires to protest the exorbitant rate hikes on basic services in the country.

Some of the rate hikes exceeded 1000%, while others less so. La Viruta, a popular nigh spot where Tango and Milonga is performed, suffered a hike in their electricity bill which went from $400 to almost $1,900.

The Argentine President Mauricio Macri has both criticized their own government and asked Argentinians to consume less energy.

The President is well aware of the well Argentina currently resides in and aims to pull them all up and out. However, forcing enormous hikes to basic services puts a burden on the Argentinian people not all can bear.

"Our low season occurs from April to June and had a very bad. We've suffered an increase of 500% in services and we have no way to pay it. A train has run us over," said Omar Viola, current member of the Parakultural Milonga, and organization that organizes up to 300 dancers.

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