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Drifting - The Accidental Art Of Getting Lost In Your Mind At Parties

Surrounded by people, with friends, thoughts sometimes drift away. Sometimes you imagine yourself delivering a baby, sometimes you fly. You come back and all the group has moved on while you're still in fantasyland. So why not return?

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Drifting? Hmm.

Parties - sometimes chilled with low music and quiet conversation and other times juiced up with vibrant characters and wild games - happen all around you, usually in secret. Plenty of food is passed around and the company you invited and like to keep bring the world to a closeness unattainable by any other means. When you first arrive, you breath in the atmosphere. When you leave, you exhale the experience.

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So why, every now and then, do we drift? What sends us that way? Is it good? Bad? Annoying? Problematic?

Deep in the middle of a group, someone begins their story. You listen. You engage. You don't fidget (though you want to). The story is interesting enough - since it got your attention - yet one mention of a subtle birthing joke and your mind slowly drifts away. Now, you're in an operating room, a doctor read to deliver some stranger's baby.

Do you know anything about delivering a baby? Of course you don't.

Yet, there you are. Poised, confident, arms outstretched ready for the little tike to rocket out.
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Yet, there you are. Poised, confident, arms outstretched ready for the little tike to rocket out.

Suddenly, as the momma blurts out her rage, you start to drift again...

...somehow you arrive in the group again, back in the middle of the story someone has tried so desperately to keep good enough for the many who listen. But, what did you do? You drifted. Out, and back in, and you know if you're not careful you might start again.

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Why do you do it?

Are you bored? No. Do you not care about the story? Of course you care. Do you have an overactive imagination? Obviously. So what do you do?

Let if flow. Let your inner emotions take hold and take that journey off into the land of your imagination.

It may be reckless: someone can ask you a question at any given moment. If that happens, what then? You have to quickly scramble to come up with a relevant answer that both coincides with the beginning of the story and relates to where the story might have gone since you last stopped listening. The scramble happens in seconds, and is usually disastrous.

But (and it's a big J. Lo sized butt), you shouldn't feel bad. It's completely harmless.

Your mind wasn't meant to be caged up. It wasn't meant to rest easily in the midst of a story and keep your thoughts stagnant. Go ahead. Never feel bad for thinking.

You drifted while reading this, didn't you?

It's okay. You're forgiven. I can't tell you how many times I drifted while writing this.

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