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A Small Village In Tanzania Have A Disney-Like Agreement With The Honeyguide Bird

Yes, it sound absolutely Disney-esque. Yes, it's real.

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When the Hadza people of northern Tanzania want some honey, they whistle into the air in hopes a Honeyguide bird is close enough to hear.

Give a little whistle...

If a Honeyguide Bird is near, it will appear before the whistler and fan out its wings to show it heard the whistle. The bird then flies towards the tree where a beehive hangs and waits for the Hadza people to arrive.

Here is where the tale gets unDisney-like:

Some evidence shows that the villagers will toss the Honeyguide Bird some honey for its services. Like an attaboy for helping the village find some luscious honey. Other evidence shows the villager burning excess honey so as to not feed the bird at all.

Whether the end is a Disney scene or a Brothers Grimm scene, we can all agree that whistling for a bird to take you somewhere is dope AF.

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