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6 People You Always See At A Hispanic Party

One day you might meet a 2-in-1. Those days are rare. But real.

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1. The Ex-Futbolista.


This Tío tried out for a pro team once and claims it was the biggest mistake they ever made. Every time soccer is on he acts like he invented the sport and talks about the players non-stop. Can only watch fútbol when he is not around.

2. Random White Person.


Every now and then a primo or prima will date a white guy. When you spot them at the party for the first time you play the game with yourself where you try to guess who he or she is with. You always fail, but then again it doesn't matter because for some reason they disappear.

3. The Top Chef Critic.


You better make sure every single tamale is wrapped perfectly or you're going to hear what you did wrong from her. Actually, even if every one is wrapped pristinely you'll probably hear why you used the wrong pot for putting them in.

4. The Drunk Tio.


You hardly ever see him sober, but he isn't a mess. On the rare occasion you see him sober he seems a little different. Oh, right. Less fun. Side note: he will always play fight with you and he will always accidentally hit your abuelita on the head.

5. La Doña.

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She'll always be on the couch somewhere with everyone gathered around her. She'll keep an eye on every corner of the house with her magic seeing eyes. She is the first person you say hola to and the last person you say adios to. Always.

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