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35 Tweets About Lucid Dreaming That Paint A Wide Picture

Whether it's liked or not, pretty much everyone agrees that it's weird. Go ahead. Try it.

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I don't wish night terrors, lucid dreaming, or sleep paralysis on anyone yo that shit ain't funny.


[Lucid dreaming] ME: Wow, I'm dreaming right now. You're all characters in my dream. DREAM GUY: Nobody wants to hear about your dream, dude


Who needs cinema when you get 10 hours of HD lucid dreaming.


@anna_elisabethh you have to be asleep to be lucid dreaming?


Wtf. I was lucid dreaming wide awake and told myself to wake up.


Been trying to record my dreams in the middle of the night to practice lucid dreaming. So far, so good:


somehow my account and my supervisor's account were linked and she kept getting push notifications about me googling cats and lucid dreaming


I really wana try lucid dreaming but I'm scared I'll die 😩😂


After you wake up from lucid dreaming 😂👽✨


If you're into lucid dreaming meet me at the robot star


Lucid dreaming: no CPU assist


If anyone knows how to avoid lucid dreaming I would seriously appreciate the help and not imagine demons in my room ty


Ya girl has been lucid dreaming the past two nights and now I never wanna be awake


one time i "woke up" after lucid dreaming and did a reality check and was like NAH BITCH and i saw my dream legit melt into another dream


Shoot fire from your hands mouth or dickhole.. Lucid dreaming is tight.


I know I'm at a hipster coffee joint when the people next to me are talking lucid dreaming and asked me my opinion on dream journals.

17. Gets the point of sleeping.

everyone is obsessed with lucid dreaming and it's fine but I'd much rather wake up feeling rested


I had a dream where I was lucid dreaming and two snakes were in my bed and one of them went into my mouth

All that's missing is a dick joke.


I need to learn that Lucid Dreaming shit from Inception. I could be getting LIT AF right now with @VanessaHudgens and @RobertDowneyJr

20. Sarah got her back covered.

Sarah doin that lucid dreaming thing and I'm holding the bible and staring at her

21. Isn't that daydreaming?

I be sitting in class sleeping with my eyes open lucid dreaming 🙂


Anytime I'm lucid dreaming I get attacked by a hooded man with no eyeballs, just eye sockets


rmm that time I was lucid dreaming and had like 20 fingers I wanna do that again but I'm too chicken shit


Everyone means to sit and stare when lucid dreaming but you always go for the boobs


rmm that time I was lucid dreaming and had like 20 fingers I wanna do that again but I'm too chicken shit


If I ever get lucid dreaming down, the first thing I'm trying is sleeping while asleep, it's the only way I won't be tired 😂

27. Sometimes you can't help but be sexy at all times of the day

I was lucid dreaming last night and all if it was sex


#Describetome #haiku a bit of fun :D lucid dreaming of ikea furniture assembled in full


basically want to learn lucid dreaming so Harry Styles and I can take our relationship even farther.


Lucid dreaming is a game changer. Had the most fluid Spanish conversation in my dream last night.


Lucid dreaming. Because in there, I can go back in time and fix shit.


I told a girl you could do anything while lucid dreaming and she said "you could do someone while flying!"


10. Fellas, if you've had a wet dream you may not have been in control. Someone may have been lucid dreaming about you


I've eaten pizza right before passing out like twenty times and it's never given me the power of lucid dreaming, Papa John can FUCK himself.


"So I was lucid dreaming and I wondered if I could make my dick bigger and it did, but it looked like it went through a fun hour mirror"#GTR

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