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33 Times Twitter Reminded You About Your Mexican Roots


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1. Butt whippings do a whole lotta good.

Ill like to thank my dad's belt and the back of my mom's hand for this award πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #GrowingUpMexican

2. The sandal that defies the laws of physics.

My mom hitting me with that boomerang she calls a chancla #GrowingUpMexican

3. We set land speed records.

When your mom threatens you to hit you with a chancla #growingupmexican

4. It was this or quesadillas all weekend.

when your parents wake you up early to go get #carnitas before they sell out on a Saturday morning. #mexicanproblems #growingupmexican

5. Wooden spoons weren't created for cooking.

Lol I need this πŸ˜‚ #GrowingUpMexican

6. We didn't really understand chemicals yet.

Burning your mouth from the salsa while eating tacos then burning it even more from the carbonation of the soda #GrowingUpMexican

7. You have to wait until that one uncle tells you how little you were the last time he saw you.

#growingupmexican when you arrive at a party tienes que saludarle a todos and it takes you like half an hour.

8. He was basically a distant abuelo.

#GrowingUpMexican It was a sure thing we would see this man every Saturday night

9. Each one was better than the last.

#GrowingUpMexican Your family literally throws parties for everything My family threw a party to see the new bench my aunt got

10. Is it not?

Vaporu is the cure for everything πŸ˜‚ #growingupmexican

11. We got quiet real fast.

Growing up mexican and having ur mom tell you "vas a ver cuando lleguemos a la casa"😭 #growingupmexican

12. No such thing as harmful chemicals. Only cry babies.

#growingupmexican cleaning the shower and putting yourself in a gas chamber on accident

13. "Mira, un wawow!"

You knew you grew up Mexican if you said "wawow" instead of dog or doggie when you were a kid. #GrowingUpMexican

14. Squeeze in and don't complain.

In the back of the car cus there aint space in the front xx #GrowingUpMexican

15. It made us feel 1000% better.

when u were little & u would fall or hurt urself, ur mom would rub where u hurt urself & say "sana sana colita de rana" #growingupmexican

16. Sorry, mama.

#growingupmexican asking your mom something while she's on the phone then she yells at you and she tells the person on the phone why she did

17. You can't just have butter or cream cheese.

#growingupmexican never know what you gonna find

18. No showing belly buttons.

when I was little my dad made me raise my hands and if you saw my stomach my shirt was too short and he made me change πŸ˜‚πŸ™„ #growingupmexican

19. "I wasn't laughing."

When ur mom is spanking ur sibling and suddenly turns to you and says "Y TU DE QUE TE RIES???" #growingupmexican

20. It made us feel better for like 1.3 seconds.

When your mom is giving you that whole Mexican speech vs when she turns aroundπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#growingupmexican

21. Mexican clock: arrival.

#GrowingUpMexican if the party starts at 7 show up at 8

22. Mexican clock: departure.

#growingupmexican When your about to leave a party; you know you have at least another hour left until your parents say goodbye to everyoneπŸ˜‚

23. And then everyone calls you gordo.

when u ask ur gmpa u want 3 tacos and he ends up making you 7 #growingupmexican

24. Better to be safe than electrocuted.

#GrowingupMexican being scared to shower w/ lightening cause your parents told you that the metal from the shower head will electrocute you.

25. If the atmosphere makes you choke you're about to have a bomb ass dinner.

#GrowingUpMexican when your moms cooking chile in the house

26. We risked getting slapped on the daily.

#GrowingUpMexican if your mom calls your name you better say mande and not what

27. There's no way you can not eat. Ever.

Getting in trouble for not wanting to eat 😐 #GrowingUpMexican πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

28. They seem endless.

okay I just met about 100 more family members I've never even seen in my life #growingupmexican

29. What's a heater?

Wearing 2 sweaters in the house because your mom doesn't think the heater is a necessity. #GrowingUpMexican

30. You don't need an alarm clock.

my mom woke me up ten minutes ago screaming "YA SON LAS 10!!!!" #growingupmexican

31. Lessons stay with you forever.

I didn't have time to make my bed this morning and I'm terrified my mom is going to find out. Did I mention I'm 30? #GrowingUpMexican

32. You never want to spent 7.3 hours on the phone like your mom.

#GrowingUpMexican when your mom is on the phone and she's looking at you then says "aqui esta, ahi te lo paso"

33. Using texts in the best way...

#GrowingUpMexican getting a text every 10 mins from your mom to keep an eye on the beans

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