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27 Hilarious Tweets About Barbecuing To Get You Amped For BBQ Weather

With record heat behind (and probably ahead) of us, here are some tweets to get you ready for barbecue season. Summer boutta be LIT!

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β€œ@DarthShada: I put it DOWN on the grill! ” YOU GOTTA LEARN TO PICK IT UP TOO LMAO SMH πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Scottish definition of optimism - having the barbecue out and hanging out the washing in mid-April.


Dylan Larkin is 19 years old and just scored a goal in the NHL playoffs. I'm 20 and just spilled BBQ sauce on my shirt and licked it off.


When You bring her to the family cookout and your uncle shouts out "Damn nephew another one?"


Damnit people! Listen up; BBQ is not something you cook on. You BBQ on a GRILL. You don't "throw something on the Barbecue." You grill it.

6. What did #5 just say?

Congratulations to me on a successful first use of a barbecue! Nothing was set on fire...except the bbq. But I'm told that is essential.


*black parents at cookout* You better eat everything because I ain't cooking when we get home #RealBlackPeopleQuestions


sometimes I just sit and wonder if Korean barbecue is also thinking about me


all i needed to do was pick up my bike but i guess i have to wait til the ribs are done on the bbq


Why is the black character in Arthur wearing cookout sandals and talking about Africa πŸ€”


i eat barbecue sauce with everything , might as well call colgate nd tell em to get that bbq flvor


My goal on this trip is to ingest so much BBQ food that my natural essence becomes the smell of sweet and smokey barbecue sauce #goals


Bbq isn't any shorter to say than barbecue


Everyone RT but only like this if you're going to the bbq at 4:30 at Columbia tomorrow so we can decide who's bringing what


Spent the morning by a BBQ so I spritzed some perfume to cover the pork sausage stink and now I smell like how I imagine Miss Piggy would.


"Madi, how do you spell barbecue?" "BBQ" "But isn't there an A somewhere in there?" "No."


It's normal to have a BBQ for your cousin when he gets out of prison right?


Shoutouts to my neighbor for borrowing my lighter fluid and not inviting me to the BBQ.


@iliveforgreys why is it spelled barbecue & the initials are bbq ΒΏ there's no q in barbecue what


I love to eat barbecue, but I find BBQ culture super creepy.


My fine ass neighbors are bbq'n again, i just wanna go over there and introduce myself. Hi my name is Maryanne, and I #WillTwerkForSomeBbq


.@holyfield's ear would've been much better with his new BBQ sauce. check it out #TGIF


Was just freestyling and said "that's when I pull up in the barbecue Porsche." Now life goal is to have bbq sauce colored sports car.


It's a beautiful day out and I'm standing on my roof naked and enjoying the sun and I don't care if I ruin my neighbor Gary's barbecue


I was literally just going to ask what BBQ stood for but its barbecue isn't it....


You know it's time to get in shape when your thighs rub together and you're thinking, "Do I smell #barbecue?" #gains #health #exercise


am i the only person who doesn't eat bbq or barbecue sauce?


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