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13 Of The Best Latin American Comic Book Costumes

A bustier? Really?

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1. Chesty Sanchez

Antarctic Press / Via

Country of Origin: Mexico

Power: Strength and size.

Through she doesn't have "super" powers, she stands taller and exhibits more strength than any luchador in Mexico. Anyone who wears a bustier and flared pants to fight crime deserves respect.

2. Super Malon

DC Comics / Via

Countries of Origin: Argentina

Powers: Super intelligence, elemental powers, super speed, wind control (not farting), super strength, invulnerability.

Where do you start? The guy that's a horse with hands and hooves on his feet? Cheetah hoodie guy? Elaborate falcon guy? They look like a bachelor party gone wrong, but instead of waking up with hangovers they woke up with powers.

3. Carcharo

DC Comics / Via

Country of Origin: Mexico

Powers: Telepathy, super strength.

Granted, outfits are hard to come by when you're a shark. But there has to be something better than a toy version of an Iron Man suit.

6. Relámpago, el Ser Increible

Baul del Comic / Via

Country of Origin: Mexico

Powers: Ability to fly, unspecified electric ability.

A completely pale yellow suit is hard to pull off, but Relámpago does it quite well. You see those thighs? I mean...

7. Bunker

DC Comics / Via

Country of Origin: Mexico

Power: Creates energy constructs with his mind.

The light and dark purple color scheme make his appearances all the merrier. The du-rag's ponytail almost got him kicked off here. Like, how does an enemy not grab it and pull him back like in a Chola fight? Bonus: openly gay.

8. La Bandera

Marvel / Via

Coutry of Origin: Cuba

Powers: (It's complicated) She has the mutant ability to draw people in to her cause, and uses the energy from her followers to create powerful blasts through her staff.

Her 80s style outfit makes people want to rally behind her more than anything. Anyone would follow that up-do into any battle.

9. Aztek

DC Comics / Via

Country of Origin: Mexico

Powers: Manipulates dimensional energy, super strength, super speed, super hearing, x-ray vision, flight, invisibility, density shifting.

Don't laugh at his helmet. It's a four dimensional mirror and it's source of all his superpowers. Wouldn't you wear a goofy helmet to have superpowers? Of course you would.

10. Hummingbird

Marvel / Via

Country of Origin: Mexico

Powers: Manipulation of emotions, telepathy, self-powered levitation, invoking and hurtling sacred fire.

The tight hoodie, short cape, and green and yellow color scheme put Hummingbird in the mix. In some iterations, she has an Aztec symbol to tie it all together which make her all the more cool.

11. Wind Dancer

Marvel / Via

Country Origin: Venezuela

Powers: Air and wind manipulation, flight, long-distance eavesdropping (ear-hustling).

A long and windy ribbon as a belt and fancy gloves for fighting. Class meets combat. By the time you're done ogling her she's already in your face.

12. White Tiger

Marvel / Via

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

Powers: Energy projection and super strength.

All white everything and long, luscious hair. Can't beat that. Looks good and kicks ass. Add in some of that Puerto Rican attitude and you got yourself a master warrior.

13. El Gato Negro

Azteca Productions / Via

Country of Origin: Mexico

Powers: Expert luchador, boxer, ninjitsu artist, and taijutsu artist.

Tight fitting suit: no surprise. Giant, feline-inspired ears: adorable. You'll have exactly 1.9 seconds to smirk at his ears before you find your extremities numbing from the physical beat down he gives you.

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