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12 Lucky Things You Had As A Kid

Yeah, you believed in lucky stuff. Sometimes it helped. Mostly, it didn't.

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2. Lucky shoe laces.


All it took was one after school basketball game to solidify your laces as the luckiest laces you've ever worn. Why not the shoes, you ask? Well, we changed our laces after they broke and suddenly our game improved tenfold. The single change of laces made us elite status. Oh, and you better believe we kept those laces even when we bought new shoes.

3. Lucky seat.


For some reason, the seat in the third row, back two places (but only if it was a blue seat, not the red seat) gave you extra smarts even when you didn't study the material like you were supposed to.

4. Lucky controller.

Nintendo 64 / Via

When your friends came over to play Super Smash Brothers, you handed out the controllers - or nobody got to play. You knew the controller with the scuff mark under the joystick and the paint slightly chipped on the B button was the magic controller, and NOBODY got to use that one but you. That controller gave you the fire and you'd be damned to let anyone share that fire.

5. Lucky couch spot.

Kubus sofa / Via

It happened once. You sat on the corner during a playoff basketball game and your team won. Then, family came over to watch the next game in the series and you happened to sit in the same spot. What happens? Another win! So, what happens next? Your team sweeps every time you sit in that spot. Forever after (though not perfect) your teams pile on the wins.



After a string of good happenings you noticed they all happened when you were wearing certain socks. At first, they were indecipherable. BUT, you noticed a tiny rip near your big toe different from all the other socks. Soon, you started to wear the socks with the tiny rip to every soccer game, then every live tennis match, and then at the Easter egg hunt. Once, you wore them 5 days in row and would have continued your streak had your mom not almost suffocated and vomited at the same time from the stench.

7. Lucky pencil.


Maybe you're not a huge nerd, but every single child fearful of their parents disappointed stares or sighs understand the importance of a test. It was the lucky pencil that boosted confidence enough to calm your nerves when you can't decide whether to choose A or B when you've already chosen B three times in a row and B seems like the most logical choice.

8. Lucky headband.


One day, you felt it all. The cuuuuuutest boy in class smiled at you after he saw you trip on the tanbark, but a friendly smile. You got three As in a row, all with exclamation points and smily faces at the top. Lastly, you had to rummage around your backpack for a marker you know you had and accidentally stumbled upon three dollars tuck away in a tiny crevice. When you went home and caught yourself in the mirror, you realized exactly why you had such a good day. It was the first time you wore your new headband, and forever more it became your go-to for imminent tough days.

9. Lucky shirt.

Nike Soccer / Via

Every time you had a special occasion to attend (informal), you wore one shirt that lit you up. On the first day of school, you wore this shirt. When you had an interview for the Freshman student body you wore this shirt under your dress shirt. And the day before picture day you made sure your mom made it crip and clean.

10. Lucky hair brush

Boar Bristle Hair Brush / Via

For some inexplicable reason, the years and years of use has formed the bristles of your brush into the perfect hair assistant. Even on days when you look in the mirror at pure disaster, your little buddy works a miracle and turns you fabu on the spot.

11. Lucky penny.


You probably had one for a day because your parents told you to keep pennies for good luck. After you lost it, you realized it wasn't as powerful as some of the other lucky items in your collection.

12. A lucky WTF.

Maquettes Figurines / Via

Marble. Hardened gum. Lollipop stick. Broken T-Rex toy. Napoleon Figurine. Everyone had a lucky thing that made so many people say WTF that you decided to just not tell anyone else about it. You still kept it, of course. You're supposed to just throw all the luck away because others don't understand it? Don't be silly.

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