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    41 Black Queer Fashion Brands You Can Support Beyond Pride

    Looking to support Black queer brands all year? We've got you covered.

    1. Lvndr Beautique

    2. Julian Woodhouse

    3. V.V. Patchouli

    4. Hautebutch

    5. No Sesso

    6. Black Queer Magic

    Black Queer Magic is a jewelry line founded by Vanessa Miller, who is intentional about centering Black LGBTQ people in business and in life. They are a self-taught jewelry artist and licensed social worker who regularly donates a portion of their sales directly to Black LGBTQ people.

    7. BLK MKT Vintage

    8. Sheila Rashid

    9. Coco and Breezy Eyewear

    10. Project Q

    11. A Tribe Called Queer

    12. Civil Jewelry

    Brecht Vanthof

    Founded in 2019 by creative producer, LGBTQ advocate, and former Ralph Lauren and Maxim executive, Blakely Thornton, Civil aims to be the first of its kind within the jewelry space to showcase influential Black creatives within fashion and media.

    Offering an assortment of clean and modern unisex designs ranging from necklaces to cuffs to custom creations, Civil jewelry is made using ethically-sourced stones and high-quality semi-precious metals. Civil products are available for purchase beginning at $70 (for premade designs) and up to $30,000 (for custom pieces), exclusively on their website.

    13. Black Science Fiction

    14. Pyramid 7

    15. Stuzo Clothing

    16. Nicole Zizi Studio

    17. Telfar

    18. Makoma The Brand

    19. Gaia Earthpeace

    20. Phlemuns

    21. Two Minds Press

    22. Sustainable Brooklyn

    23. Kris Harring

    24. Style is Freedom

    25. Trans is Beautiful Apparel

    26. Bowtie Behavior

    27. The Proper Bunny

    28. Mack the Tailor

    29. Show & Tell Concept Shop

    30. Afronautic

    At the start of COVID-19, fashion influencer and photographer, Liselle aka Afronautic, decided to put their talents to good use in creating and selling masks on Etsy in a variety of colors and patterns. And you will need these, too.

    31. 2DopeRags

    32. ASL Matters

    33. Lucky Skivvies

    34. London Logan

    35. GC2B

    36. Boi Gear

    37. Helen with the Gold Teeth

    38. Forge Clothing Line

    39. Rejected SocietyX3

    40. The Playground

    41. Twisted Skateboards

    42. BONUS: Stealth Bros Co.