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37 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To College In The '90s


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1. You got your first email address in college.

Your parents set up AOL accounts so they could email you.

2. You and your roommate shared a landline.

"After the beep, press 1 for Doree, press 2 for Sherry."

3. So when you got your monthly phone bill, you had to split up the charges.

"Did you call Portland on Oct. 5 for 37 minutes?"


5. In fact, you could pretty much smoke anywhere, including your dorm room.

Marv Gillibrand CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: marv

Your roommate questionnaire asked if you were a smoker. (Note: Smoking in bed not recommended, even in the '90s.)

7. Right next to all the Calvin Klein ads.

12. To choose your courses, you pored over the physical course catalog.

If you were lucky, your school also had an unofficial guide to courses that told you the real deal.

13. And you registered for classes by phone.

If your school wasn't even that advanced, you registered in person by waiting in super-long lines.

15. You also got a printed phone book with everyone's school AND home numbers.

At my school it also told you which fraternity or sorority people were in. Lol.


16. And you could call anyone on campus just by dialing their "extension."

17. When you got your roommate assignment, you had NO IDEA what they looked like.

You had to actually call them or write them a letter to find out anything about them.

18. Writing letters to your friends at other schools was a fun way to keep in touch.

Sending emails to each other just wasn't the same.

19. No one had cell phones, so making plans was...interesting.


"Let me just call my machine to see if Julie left a message." HOW DID WE EVER GET ANYWHERE?! (If they did have one, they probably looked like this.)


23. But if you did want to go to a bar, fake IDs were much easier to make and get.


Holograms weren't really a thing, so that girl in your dorm who had a digital camera and a laminator and knew how to use Photoshop was your best friend.


25. You took notes in a notebook. With a pen. By hand.

And then you'd go back and highlight the important stuff when you were studying for the midterm.

26. "My printer wasn't working" was a legit excuse for why you weren't handing in your paper.

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Also, you physically handed in papers.

27. "My floppy disk got corrupted" was another actual excuse.

Because you kept all your work on a disk.


29. When it came time to find a job, you went to Career Services and flipped through their binders.

Binders full of jobs!

30. If you were traveling and you wanted to call home, you had to make sure you had your phone card handy.

Don't even try to call your parents collect.

31. When you made a new friend, you went through their CD books to see if you'd have music in common.

Smashing Pumpkins, check. Hole, check. Matchbox Twenty, wait a second...


32. Your significant other, and your friends, made you lots of mixtapes.

That were actual...tapes.

36. It still sounds weird to you when people refer to Ecstasy as Molly.

Probably even weirder for all the women named Molly out there.

37. You are so, so, SO thankful that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Vine, texting, sexting, selfies, and everything else did not exist when you were in college.

Your collegiate escapades were not recorded for public consumption and you never had to worry about potential employers finding embarrassing photos of you online. Although you probably would've killed it on Tumblr, tbh.