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Here's What People Were Searching For On Google During The Emmys

"Who is Kevin Spacey dating?" Data courtesy of Google.

1. Who is the father of Hayden Panettiere's baby?

Fraser Harrison / Getty Images

2. Why are the Emmy Awards on a Monday?

Blame MTV. And football.

3. Who hosted the Emmy Awards in 2013?

Mike Blake / Reuters

4. Who is Kevin Spacey dating?

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

That's Spacey at the Emmys with CNN journalist Ashleigh Banfield. She was his date. They are not dating.

5. Can I live-stream the Emmy Awards?

Not legally.

6. Where are the Emmy Awards held?

In downtown L.A. Not ~Hollywood~.

7. How long are the Emmy Awards?

8. Who is the best dressed at the Emmy Awards?

Decide for yourself!

9. How old is Julia Roberts?

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Ageless. Duh.

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