18 Of The Best Breaking Bad Moments Told In Gifs

Breaking Bad returns tonight to AMC. These eighteen moments will get you truly in the mood to read some Walt Whitman. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

1. That One Time Walter Belittled Jesse…

2. But It Wasn’t All Bad Between Them…

Nothing keeps two bros together like brews (and meth).

3. Good Ol’ Walt

No wonder Skyler keeps him around…

Can’t say he doesn’t try.

4. Jesse’s Extensive Vocabulary

5. “Knock knock?” “Who’s there?”

6. Everyone’s Favorite Teddy

7. Every Scene With Saul

8. Jesse’s Love Life

All the feels.

9. This Guy.

10. Don’t Bother Handing Her A Tissue

Wait, never mind.

11. Remember That Time Skyler Fucked Ted?

He sure does…

12. Don’t Mess With Gus

“On Wednesdays we wear orange!”

13. Walter And His Cellar

“Oh hai guyz.”

14. Walter And His Unrestrainable Balls

15. Meet Jesse, The Meth Master

I’d rather have the monkey.

16. The Two Best Friends Anyone Could Ever Have


17. The Moment You Realize You Actually Liked Gayle

18. Now We Play The Waiting Game

“Longest shit of my life.”

Are you ready? What’s your favorite scene? Let us know in the comments below.

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