11 Foods You Won’t Believe People Eat

Everyone knows culture is relative, after all “when in Rome!” After this list, though, you will never want to eat outside your house again.

1. Snake Wine - Slithering Your Way From East Asia

Danger is the only thing that makes alcohol better. Chinese medicine knew that, and for that reason started pickling cobras in liquor. After all, if you want to have a full head of hair or be really good in bed, drink booze with cobras in it. Makes sense to me.

2. Escamoles - The Mexican Ant Larvae That Goes Great With Guac

Considered as “insect caviar” in some parts of Mexico, these larvae taste buttery and slightly nutty. Just wait until Taco Bell hears about this.

3. Kopi Luwak - Civet Cat Coffee Beans

The most expensive coffee beans in the world - coming straight to you from the forest floor! Kopi Luwak, a type of bean from the Philippines, has been digested (fully) by Civet Cats before the coffee even reaches your kitchen. Scooper not included.

4. Drunken Shrimp - Because There’s Nothing Quite Like Torturing Animals

That’s not water the shrimp are swimming in, but instead the Chinese hard alcohol baijiu. The shrimp unintentionally live a frat bros ultimate dream of drinking themselves to death at a banquet table.

5. Live Octopus - The Original Gangnam Style

Want to eat something a little more alive? Swing on by Korea and enjoy a plate of live octopus sliced right in front of you. Be warned, the tentacles continue to wriggle all the way down.

6. Smalahove - The Norwegian Dish That Only Has Eyes For You

Nothing quite like torched, salted, and smoked sheep’s head just in time for Christmas! Who doesn’t want to find this under their tree?

7. Stinky Tofu - For When China Can’t Get Any Stranger

Everyone knows tofu as the tasteless block of slightly fermented bean curd. Stinky tofu super saiyans that up by fermenting tofu further in a brine made of milk, veggies and meat until it reaches just the right level of stench.

8. Surströmming - Just In Case Stinky Tofu Wasn’t Bad Enough

This little fish packs a mighty odor. Surströmming literally smells so bad, it is banned from being consumed indoors in Sweden.

9. Balut - The Little Duck Embryo That Couldn’t Quite

Balut is a delicacy in the Philippines and South East Asia. Allowed to develop to certain levels, these duck eggs apparently taste surprisingly similar to chicken. Figure that…

10. Taco Bell - Enough Said

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