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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A DoorDash Deliverer

Thinking about delivering for DoorDash? It couldn't be simpler. Find out how you can be your own boss and work from the comfort of your own car today!

1. Getting started is pretty dang simple.

Woman sits in the driver seat while looking ahead.

2. Once you start "dashing," you'll begin receiving deliveries right away.

Man stands beside parked car holding a DoorDash bag.

3. Effectively, you get to be your own boss.

Woman walks away from car holding a DoorDash delivery.

4. This means you'll get to make your own hours, of course.

A man spends time with his daughter in a homemade fort.

5. You're able to work from the comfort of your own vehicle.

A woman drives through a suburb.

6. It's accessible to boot.

A man walks away from his car holding a DoorDash delivery.

7. The pickup process is quite simple.

A woman completes a DoorDash delivery with a customer.

Imagery courtesy of DoorDash

So what are you waiting for? Start driving with DoorDash today.