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Paid PostNov 1, 2012

Animals That Would Definitely Survive The Apocalypse

It's time to sharpen your animal instincts. Tune in to Doomsday Preppers Tuesdays at 9/8c to learn what precautions some are taking to join these animals in the post-apocalyptic world.

1. These All-Terrain Siberian Chipmunks

legna69 / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Not only do Siberian Chipmunks dwell in underground burrows, keeping them safe from any potential nuclear fall out but these two have the extra advantage of having a 4x4 to ride around earth's dystopian landscape once the dust of the apocalypse has settled.

2. Colonel Meow

Vincent Sandoval / Getty Images

Hell hath no furry like that of a feline scorned. Colonel Meow will let no amount of chaos and destruction get to him. Judging from this, we wouldn't be surprised if he was at least a little bit to blame for the end of times in the first place.

3. The Wolverine

Paul Oomen / Getty Images

Wolverines are evil, gigantic weasels who have been known to dig in the ground to ruthlessly eat hibernating animals as they are sleeping. Much like their distant cousin the Honey Badger, they just don't care, and that's an important skill to have in a post-apocalyptic hell-scape.

4. The Leopard Seal

Michael Nolan / Getty Images

This huggable monster has been known to rip penguins' heads off with one swift motion - that combined with its ability to survive in cold temperatures will surely come in handy when the earth turns into an uninhabitable frozen tundra.

5. The Slow Loris

Paul England / Getty Images

Don't let those big vulnerable eyeballs tell you otherwise, these tiny marsupials are not to be messed with. It has long been believed that the Slow Loris possesses supernatural powers that allow them to ward off evil spirits and heal wounds instantly, a skill which will surely come in handy once the gates of hell open and Satan himself walks the earth.

6. This Highly Adaptable Pitbull

Jody Trappe Photography / Getty Images

Life after the apocalypse is just like succeeding in pre-apocalyptic life: it's all about who you know. This friendly Pitbull is bound to get far with so many creatures on his side.

7. The Wild Dingo

John White Photos / Getty Images

Baby eating? Check. These dudes are set.

8. The Vicious Wombat

AlexandraPhotos / Getty Images

According to a 2010 news story, a man was gravely injured when a deranged Wombat repeatedly attacked him. The only thing that stopped the creature? An axe. Now that's what we call resilience!

9. The Ruthless Seagull

Luis Di­az Devesa / Getty Images

Fearless, flying and ferocious - nothing stands in the way of Seagulls. The rats of the air will live on forever, stealing sandwiches out of the hands of the innocents until the end of time.

10. The Hippopotamus

Manoj Shah / Getty Images

Once the glaciers melt and the earth turns into one vast ocean, animals who have the ability to live in water will definitely have the edge. Add to that Hippopotamus's tendency to ruthlessly kill humans and animals alike, and you have a true contender for last living creature left on earth.