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Jul 2017
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    doodoo1988 commented on Tell Us How You Moved On After A Relationship Didn't Work Out

    After 6 years of being treated abusively I know if I stayed I’d stay with him. So I booked a flight overseas or 4 months where I stayed with my family and grieved. I came back happy and carefree and ready to let go of that loser. Best thing I ever did.

    1 year ago

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    doodoo1988 commented on What’s The Reason That You Stopped Believing In God?

    My grandparents were extremely religious and put thousands of dollars into their church. When my grandmother passed away my grandfather asked the priest to say a prayer for her to help her get to heaven safely. The priest then held his hand out to receive money for doing so. After… 

    2 years ago

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