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15 Signs You Might Be Following The Paleo/Primal Diet

Our grandparents had Atkins. Our parents had Weight Watchers. We have Paleo. It's not all buns and grains.

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2. Your creativity has skyrocketed.

Bananas Foster pancakes? Yeah you've got a recipe for that. Want a burger? Make a "bun" out of portabello mushrooms, obviously. Want chocolate chip cookies? Totally do-able.

Yeah, "inventive" is pretty much your middle name.

3. Bacon.

You can eat endless amounts of bacon and no one will say a word. Not. A. Word. I can't eat pork (#jewishgirlproblems) but I love my fake-bacon, beef bacon.

Even so, you don't devour it as much as everyone thinks that you do because you're worried about all of the extra preservatives that might be present in it.

4. You can be a couch (sweet) potato and still see results.

I'm not different from you. As much as I love to run, swim, and horseback ride, and reap the benefits, I'd still rather look fit than be fit. And with a Paleo lifestyle, that's very possible. The saying that "abs are made in the kitchen" is very true. When you're nourishing your body, not destroying it, you can log fewer hours at the gym and still see incredible results.

7. You have a new "usual" at your sushi place.

Instead of all the tempura you can eat, you now ask the waiter what your "non-fried, no rice, no soy" options are.

You usually end up with pricey sashimi. And find that you love it. And sometimes (always) have midnight cravings for it.

8. Everyone knows about your new Paleo lifestyle.

And it's not even like you're doing it to be "preachy" or obnoxious. It's more of an attempt to explain why I can't eat those homemade cupcakes you brought to class or why we should cook dinner together instead of trying out that new pizza place. I really don't mean to be rude, but I'm apologizing in advance for the "holier-than-thou" tone of voice that may or may not accompany the explanation.

9. You woke up this morning with a bangin' body.

Even if (like me) you aren't on the Paleo diet to lose weight, but for medical reasons, one of the biggest perks of Paleo lifestyle is the weight loss. You begin to look and feel lean and toned because your body is now using the stored fat for energy. The fat literally melts off off (if you follow the diet correctly), and the results are astounding.

10. You eat meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and COOKIES.

No one told me that you can still eat dessert. Talk about having my cookies and eating them too.

Find a great recipe for almond cookies here (GF, Dairy Free, Paleo/Primal).

14. You develop severe cases of "Caveman Crankiness" at the most inconvenient moments.

Yeah, you would be cranky too if you hadn't had more than 100g of carbs daily for the past six months. There are some days where I would trample my own grandmother for a Kit-Kat bar. Don't even ask me what I would do for a bowl of pasta. *Sigh* Don't judge me.

15. You always have a jar of coconut oil on hand.

You start using Coconut Oil like Mr. Portokalos uses Windex in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". It's the end-all, cure-all for dry hair, chapped lips, skin moisturizer, and has so many other household purposes.

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