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    • D McK

      Well all of you genius southerners who have weathered so many hurricanes, how the hell does one board the windows of an apartment that are ceiling to floor and are about twenty stories up (give or take). Tapingawindow may not be the most ideal but seeing how we can’t exactly board up our windows outside, the choices are limited. So while we’re inside readingabook or catching up on past issues of the New Yorker, why don’t you do something low brow like deep-fry something, or kiss your cousin, or whatever you people do down south? We’ve gone through much worse thanahurricane—so you can laugh you morbidly obese self to the closest Wal-mart store, but we’ll be just fine because this is New York City bitches.

    • D McK

      So to all the back-woods geniuses who are calling us New Yorkers idiots for taping the windows, how the hell are we supposed to board up our windows when they’re ceiling-to-floor and around 20 stories high? You want to use your worldly knowledge about hurricane protection to explain that one? Taping glass might not be ideal but it’s better than nothings. so while we’re riding out the storm by doing something high-brow like reading a book or catching up on our our back-issues of the New Yorker, why don’t you to gnaw on some grit, kiss your cousin, or deep fry something you hillbillies!?!

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