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10 Absolutely Crazy Listings For Roommates On Craigslist

Looking for an apartment on Craigslist can be pretty unpleasant. But even if you manage to find a spot you like, the people already living there have all these weird behaviors or requirements you have to be okay with before you move in. Check out some of the strangest ones, and don't forget to watch the roommate drama on Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 when it premieres Tonight at 9:30/8:30c, on ABC.

1. "Vegan Household Only"

2. "I Just Want Your Rent Money"

3. "For Breeding Purposes"

4. "You Must Leave Work By 3 Or 4"

5. "Expect To Be Attacked By Any And All Means"

6. "...Please Refrain From Taping Your Own Shows"

7. "Heat, Plumbing, And Electric Not Provided"

8. "No Bargain Shoppers"

9. "Don't Be A Flunkie"

10. "I Will Be Your Own Personal Dinosaur"