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    28 Reasons Why Harry Styles Is A Flawless Human Being

    Sure, he's nice to look at. But there's a lot more to Harry than meets the eye.

    Let's face it, Harry is adorable.

    He's got the gorgeous green eyes...

    He's got the smile and the dimples and the hair...

    And he's got a killer body.

    Another one, because I can.

    However, Harry is more than just eye candy. He's a flawless human being. Let us count the ways.

    1. He's incredibly close with his mum and was even Best Man at her wedding earlier this year.

    2. Speaking of family, Harry is incredibly close with his sister too.

    3. He's a master chef.

    4. He still sometimes sleeps with a teddy bear.

    5. He's not afraid to get emotional.

    6. He takes the cutest photos with fans.

    7. Even in the middle of a blizzard.

    8. And comforts them if they're crying.

    9. He visits ill fans in the hospital and takes cute photos with them too.

    10. He spent £3,000 on pizzas and gave them to the homeless.

    11. He can't dance, but bless him he tries.

    Well, at least he's self-aware.

    12. On the subject of dancing, he tried to twerk at the TCAs. Epic moment.

    Once again, at least he's self-aware.

    13. He supports marriage equality.

    14. And tweeted his support after the Westboro Baptist Church picketed against gays at a 1D concert.

    15. Plus he is confident with his sexuality.

    16. He's an animal lover.

    17. Plus he's great with babies.

    18. And with mothers giving birth.

    19. When he went to a friend's party, he stayed afterwards and helped wash the dishes.

    20. He refused to say anything bad about TSwift after their breakup.

    21. His face was perfect during Miley's VMA performance by the way.

    He clearly cared a lot about the VMAs.

    22. He's always honest.

    23. And he never holds back expressing himself to paparazzi when they're rude.

    24. He was the only member of 1D to call out a white fan for using the n-word.

    25. He's doesn't tolerate any sort of fat-shaming.

    26. He kept his cool when an interviewer pried into his sex life.

    27. He's an innocent little dork at heart.

    Who didn't know what DTF stood for...

    27. He makes lots of funny faces.

    28. And lastly, he's grateful for everything that has happened to him.

    And for all these reasons, we love him.

    May he continue to be the sweet, humble, charming prince that he is for many years to come <3