Childish Words You Should Stop Using Because You’re A Goddamn Adult

Seriously, grow up and stop talking like Elmo.

1. Squee

Come on, you’re older than 30 and you’re squealing like a toddler? Grow up.

2. Happies

“My heart is full of happies!” You should have that looked at. By a doctor. Who isn’t a peditrician.

3. Sads

“You’re giving me a sads now.” Yeah, you need to grow up.

4. Feels

“This hits rights in the feels!” I’m sure it does. Let’s just agree to grow up and stop pluralizing emotions.

5. Sleeps

“Only three more sleeps to my trip!” I doubt “sleeps” is standard unit of time. And exactly what do you mean by “sleeps” …

6. Likey

Me no likey when you talk like baby.

7. Om Nom Nom

I get it, you love to eat. Now use your words.

8. Ascared

You know that’s not a real word, right? Try looking it up in a dictionary, like a grown up.

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