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22 Honest Confessions From A Burger King Server

We're not lovin' it.

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2. And we'd really rather not sift through 25 boxes of Kids Club Meals to find the perfect toy for your child.

We have better thing to do with our time tbh.

3. We hate it when you order a Big King.

They're an absolute pain to make because there are so many layers that can go wrong.


4. But 99% of customers order the Whopper Meal anyway.

It's our most popular meal. The number of these we serve on any given day is ridiculous.

7. We try our best to make your food look like the pictures, but it's really hard.

By the time it gets to you, it's often lost its shine.


8. Please don't ask us for the calorie count of your food.

It's deep-fried fast food, c'mon. What do you expect?

9. And please don't order your meal while you're on the phone.


It's cool that your hungry bf can't decide whether he wants a Whopper or a Double Cheeseburger, but it'd be lovely if you could have that conversation before you get to the counter.


14. But the unlimited free fizzy drinks are even better.

We can easily get through seven large refills before 1pm.


16. When we say the shakes are out, we're lying.

This risk of covering ourselves in a 5-litre bag of shake mix is literally never worth it. Sorry.

18. We're always working out when our next break is.

Did somebody say free food?


21. But working the late shift means enduring endless drunken chat.

Being open until 11pm means we serve a lot of wasted people.