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    18 Things Everyone Who Has Ever Been To Pleasurewood Hills Will Remember

    You're still terrified of Woody Bear.

    1. Arriving there and being seriously underwhelmed with the crummy entrance.

    2. Getting your map and fighting over which ride to go on first.

    3. Feeling intense regret after going on Shiver m'Timbers pirate ship.

    4. Then realising that the kids' version was just as bad.

    5. Wrongly believing that if you didn't go on Timber Falls log flume, you wouldn't get soaked.

    6. Being forced to have a photo taken with Woody Bear.

    7. Thinking the chair lift would break, plunging you into the lake and to your death.

    8. Trying to look awesome for the camera on Timber Falls.

    9. Feeling like you would be thrown out of your cart on Marble Madness.

    10. Pretending you were too cool for Enigma when really you were terrified.

    11. Making friends with the seals.

    12. Stuffing your face while fighting off the wasps.

    13. Getting horrifically bruised on the Rattlesnake roller coaster.

    14. Wishing Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby would return to Crinkley Bottom Castle.

    15. Getting to the bottom of the Wave Breaker in one piece.

    16. Enjoying the kids' rides more than you should have.

    17. Saving your money for the gift shop.

    18. Sleeping like a baby the entire way home.