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18 Things Everyone Who Has Ever Been To Pleasurewood Hills Will Remember

You're still terrified of Woody Bear.

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1. Arriving there and being seriously underwhelmed with the crummy entrance.

Instagram: @emjunelowe / Via

"Are we there yet? What, really?"

2. Getting your map and fighting over which ride to go on first.

Instagram: @missdinglegram / Via

Enigma, right?


4. Then realising that the kids' version was just as bad.

Instagram: @juicefrench92 / Via

6. Being forced to have a photo taken with Woody Bear.

Instagram: @laura_892012 / Via

Those teeth will haunt you forever.


8. Trying to look awesome for the camera on Timber Falls.

Instagram: @madsrosex / Via

No matter how shit scared you were or how wet your crotch was.

9. Feeling like you would be thrown out of your cart on Marble Madness.

Instagram: @edwardjohngizzi / Via

Seriously, did there have to be so many corners on that thing?


13. Getting horrifically bruised on the Rattlesnake roller coaster.

Instagram: @slice_da_mic_man_ / Via

It totally wasn't worth the pain.

14. Wishing Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby would return to Crinkley Bottom Castle.

Instagram: @edwardjohngizzi / Via

17. Saving your money for the gift shop.

Instagram: @samwilliams92 / Via

But only being able to afford a naff inflatable hammer.