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17 Slightly Odd Things Everyone On Slimming World Has Cooked

You'll eat anything if it's Syn-free

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2. Diet Coke chicken / Via

Surprisingly not as disgusting as it sounds, this meal can spruce up any kitchen's weeknight lull.

3. Syn-free sweets / Via

It doesn't matter how many time you make these, you're always surprised when they taste nothing like Haribo.


5. Scan Bran Cake / Via

Don't be fooled by the word "cake". Your taste buds will still hate you for eating this.

6. Slimming World chips / Via

Almost every Slimming World member has snacked on these at midnight (if they can be bothered to cook them first, that is).

8. Smash pizza / Via

It doesn't matter that it's a "tweak" and loaded with Syns – the Smash is Syn-free so you're happy to tell yourself that the whole pizza is too.


10. Quark and hot chocolate pudding

Add some sweeter, mix in the hot chocolate powder, and TA-DAH! You've already forgotten it's soft cheese.

11. Syn-free crisps / Via

Potatoes or lasagna sheets, this is still another favourite 'tweak'. Keep telling yourself they are syn-free and then remain shocked when the scales show a gain that week.

12. Sausage surprise

Donna-Louise Bishop / BuzzFeed

The surprise is that there's probably no sausage in this slow-cooker feast, just a handful of random veggies, chopped tomatoes, and whatever else random Syn-free crap needs eating in the fridge.


14. A 'grill-up' / Via

You love telling non-Slimming World people that you still have a cooked breakfast every morning.

15. 1/2 Syn Raspberry Roulade / Via

Add in all the sweeter and vanilla essence you want but you'll never quite get rid of the eggy after-taste.

16. Any veg goes! / Via

Some days you will even surprise yourself with the weird and wonderful combinations you come up with. Who knew spinach was pretty yum when mixed with baked beans?

17. And pretty much anything out of the Slimming World magazine / Via

Only to know you will never cook or eat it again.