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    17 Slightly Odd Things Everyone On Slimming World Has Cooked

    You'll eat anything if it's Syn-free

    1. Spiralized veggies

    Flickr: reid-bee / Creative Commons

    Courgetti is a life saver when it comes to getting that all important 1/3rd of vegetables on your plate.

    2. Diet Coke chicken

    3. Syn-free sweets

    4. Slimming World pancakes

    Donna-Louise Bishop / BuzzFeed

    Made with porridge oats, you may need half a jar of sweetener for it to resemble the flavour of the real thing.

    5. Scan Bran Cake

    6. Slimming World chips

    7. Swede topping (to replace mashed potato)

    Donna-Louise Bishop / BuzzFeed

    Let's all take a moment to mourn the loss of creamy, buttery mash.

    8. Smash pizza

    9. Caulirice

    Flickr: cricru / Creative Commons

    Call it what you want, it still tastes of cauliflower.

    10. Quark and hot chocolate pudding

    11. Syn-free crisps

    12. Sausage surprise

    Donna-Louise Bishop / BuzzFeed

    The surprise is that there's probably no sausage in this slow-cooker feast, just a handful of random veggies, chopped tomatoes, and whatever else random Syn-free crap needs eating in the fridge.

    13. Slimming World ready meal

    Donna-Louise Bishop / BuzzFeed

    Okay so it's not exactly cooking but these meals are every dieters best friend when pushed for time (or just feeling lazy).

    14. A 'grill-up'

    15. 1/2 Syn Raspberry Roulade

    16. Any veg goes!

    17. And pretty much anything out of the Slimming World magazine