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    • donnah13

      I amaloss for words… never seenapenis grow out ofabelly button and through the shirt. Second nobody notices this butalittle girl who is smiling?And for those of you Picasos and human anatomy professors out there who say it is too deformed to beafinger… what kind of freaks have you been sleeping with(or peeping on) that would be one massively messed up joy stick!lol It could beafinger or someone walking towards the camera or even the curly blonde hair of the child who the arm belongs to. But Bravo to who ever sent in the picture because you certainly gave meaning to some people that clearly think this isaquestion of grave importence… once again you PERVS this is notaPENIS!LOL Go buyaPlaygirl if you’re still not sure and it is number 5. LMAO

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