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You Will Never Be This Creeped Out By Anything In Your House

Hopefully. What would you do if you found a secret nightmare door hidden in your house?

Imgur user TwoBiteBrownie is currently staying at a friend's house. Here's why.

According to TwoBiteBrownie, the family moved into a house about a year ago. The previous owners built the house in the early part of the 2000s, and moved to India two years ago. The picture below is of a bedroom in the house.

During a recent bout of roughhousing with their little brother, Brownie pushed him into the shelf. When he fell, he pulled out the bookshelf with him, revealing a door behind what the family had assumed to be built-in shelves.

This is what it revealed. A spiral staircase leading down. So — of course — they went exploring.

At the bottom of the wrought-iron stairs there was nothing, just a blank wall. Perplexed by the dead end, back up they went. Halfway back up they noticed this — a tiny crawlspace in the side of the wall.

Looking in the crawlspace, Brownie and their brother found this. In their own words,

You would find this. Someone was living in our walls. IN OUR WALLS. That is my Halloween candy. That someone came into my room, took from my bag, and then brought back in here. Banana peel for scale. About 30 seconds after taking this picture, we realized what it meant and got the fuck out of there.

Among the tangled sheets and garbage, a few items that appeared to belong to whomever was living in the space were found, including a key to an unknown lock and a carved elephant.

And — of course — some creepy dolls.

According to updates the police have been called in and are searching but no one has been found.

But we all know what's really going on here.