Willow Smith Pierced Her Tongue Tops The Morning Links

Please please please let this not be real because she is ELEVEN. Also, one night stands can lead to babies and someone needs to get Emma Stone a new stylist immediately.

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James Marsden had a one night stand with a super model in Miami three months ago and now she's having his baby whether he (and her ex-boyfriend) like it or not. - [TheSuperficial]

Even though she hasn't done anything notable since Dancing With The Stars, Nicole Scherzinger celebrated her birthday in red carpet style. - [JustJared]

For the handful of people that still remember who he is, Randy Travis is blaming his failed career on his ex-wife. - [TMZ]

Oh my God, Rihanna is wearing a shirt! Annnnnd, no pants. Damn. One day we'll catch her in both at once. One day. - [Celebuzz]

Over 40 years after she died, a former star of The Practice finally gets confirmation his mother was murdered. - [HuffingtonPost]

Living proof there's is someone for everyone: Octomom has a boyfriend. - [Dlisted]

Why is it so hard for us as a culture to admit when our favorite celebrities have crossed the line and become criminals? - [PinkIsTheNewBlog]

Despite some nitpicky (IMHO) reviews, Brave surged to the top of the box office and was the biggest debut ever for an animated film centered around a female character. - [RottenTomatoes]

Starting to think Emma Stone had a style lobotomy, you guys. - [GoFugYourself]

Headline Story: Considering I have an 11 year old, let's just pretend this is photoshopped since part of her head is missing OR she's just holding a necklace bead in her mouth OR her parents had no idea this happened, okay? - [Celebitchy]

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