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Web Show Takes On Alien Abductions In "RCVR"

Cable is going to have really bump up its game to compete with this new breed of online television. Set in 1973, the U.S. government sends a black-ops team to Arkansas to detain individuals possessing alien knowledge. Why do aliens always talk to rednecks?

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On top of adding to already high bar set by Machinima web shows Mortal Kombat and Bite Me, the thing that is frakkin' cool about new series is the ongoing ARG (Alternate Reality Game).

Obviously the show isn't going to just lay out all the interactive media elements attached to RCVR since that would ruin the fun, but they've scatter a few crumbs to get us going. The UFOpedia for more information about the abductions, the official Sigma Agency website where you can apply for a career in U.S. security, Dr. Alvin Peters Project RCVR site dedicated to uncovering the secrets the government is keeping, and a U.K. conspiracy group The Walk Among Us.

“RCVR,” set in 1973, follows a black-ops unit engaged in covering up extraterrestrial encounters and locating individuals (RCVRs) who possess startling information communicated to them by alien beings. The first season, based on alleged true events, takes place in rural Arkansas.

RCVR is produced by Tavin Marin Titus. A quick IMDB shows this chick knows what she's doing. Her work may be known to you as a producer on "The Day After Tomorrow" and second assistant director on "X-Men: First Class". Which explains why this web show has more production value than a majority of "legitimate" science fiction created for television.

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