17 Vintage Thrill Rides Of Questionable Safety

Victorians loved a good amusement park. Spending exorbitant amounts of money to queue in long lines in the hot sun for 30 seconds of adrenaline is a summer tradition.

Special thanks to Shorpy image archive for collecting these and thousands of other vintage images over the years.

1. Water Slides - Lake Erie Circa 1904

2. The Tickler - Cincinnati, Ohio Circa 1909

3. Helter Skelter - Coney Island, NY Circa 1905

4. Children’s Delight - Brooklyn, NY Circa 1910

5. Toboggan - Bois Blanc Island, Michigan, Circa 1903

6. Whirl Of The Whirl - Coney Island, NY Circa 1905

7. Shoe Slide - Cleveland, Ohio Circa 1905

8. Cake Walk - Coney Island, NY Circa 1911

9. Carousel - Glen Echo, Maryland Circa 1925

10. White City - Louisville, Ky Circa 1910

11. The Whip - Glen Echo, Maryland Circa 1928

12. Coaster Dips - Glenn Echo, Maryland Circa 1928

13. The Teaser (Colorized) - Coney Island, NY Circa 1911

14. Traver Swing - Coney Island, NY Circa 1905

15. Bumper Cars - Glen Echo, Maryland Circa 1924

16. Vertigo - Glenn Echo, Maryland 1916

17. Loop The Loop - Coney Island, NY Circa 1903

Bonus! Coney Island At Night Circa 1905

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