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Village Of The Walking Dead

One Indonesian group believes local shamans can hypnotize the dead, causing them to walk home if they die far from the village. The Torodja believe there is very little difference between the dead and living, so much so that their dead have their own village in the mountains. (NSFW: Mummified corpses.)

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In Indonesia, the Toraja are an ethnic group that live in the mountain ranges of South Sulawesi.

They lack a fear of the dead, so much so that when shamans "raise" up mummified corpses to prove their ability to help the dead find rest, it is seen as a normal part of life.

Locals claim the animated corpses walk with a stiff, robotic gait and if no shaman is known to have raised them it is assumed they are under the control of a djinn or Syaitan (Satan) and will not touch the corpse for fear of releasing the magic bound to them.

Modern belief in this was founded in 1905 when mummified human remains were found in excellent condition inside a local cave. With no evidence of embalming and without understanding of the natural mummification process, locals pointed a finger to magic.

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