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20 Types Of People In Line For The Midnight Movie

Learn them, love them, loathe them. Which one are you?

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4. The Insanely Good Cosplayers

These people took a soldering class at the YMCA and are test driving a costume which lights up with LEDs and has moving parts. They can't sit down but WHO CARES OMG LOOK HOW SWEET THIS ROTATING WRIST GUN IS!


5. The Superfans

Standing near these people requires monitoring what you say with Herculean effort. Should one wrong factoid about a minor character not even in this movie be uttered, the group will descend like a swarm of fangirl locusts to explain EXACTLY why you are wrong and how that makes you worse than Hitler.


10. The Midnight Movie Virgin

They are so excited to be here! All bright eyed and obnoxiously bushy-tailed. For the first couple of hours. As fatigue sets in, watch the joy drain from their face to be replaced with mild annoyance bordering on aggressive apathy. Rejoice.

One of us. One of us.


13. The Contraband Smugglers

Pay money for snacks?! AHAHAHAHAHAHA. These guys are professionals and midnight openings are the only time a sense of camaraderie will compel them to pack enough to share. Exploit this.

14. The Over-Prepared

These folks are more prepared for the apocalypse than a casual entertainment experience. Lawn chair, sunscreen, a blanket, snacks, a cell phone charger, bottled water, band-aids, ibuprofen, ear plugs, the hair from the mane of a unicorn. This person is the unofficially den mother of the line.

16. UNLESS: Forever Alone Guy Is Holding The Line For 10,000 Friends

Twenty minutes before the start of the movie a Forever Alone guy, usually near the First In Line, suddenly multiplies. Friends with tickets materialize from nowhere, joining forces to become vortex of line jumpers. EVERYONE HATES YOU.


17. The Couple On Their First Date

Somehow these two thought the best way to get to know each other was queueing up with strangers for hours. This turns into sideshow entertainment as the rest of the line watches their interactions with baited breath.

18. The Reluctant Significant Other

Whether guilted into participating or trying to be supportive matters not. They don't understand. Tempers will fray around the three hour mark. Borrow popcorn from the smuggler to watch the inevitable meltdown.

20. The Casuals

By far the most populous sub-type, the casuals migrate towards each other, grouping up like well-dressed shamblers. The enjoy a good midnight movie while managing to be quiet, polite, and well-adjusted members of society.