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31 Treasures Unearthed From Oklahoma's 1913 Time Capsule

Oh, the difference a century can make. While we tend to think of the past in black and white or sepia tones, it was just as bright as today.

On April 22, 1913, the time capsule was buried by the Governor of Oklahoma and a large crowd in the basement of the First English Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City with an official ceremony. Dubbed a "century chest," the contents were guarded by the congregation of the church for exactly 100 years. On April 22, 1913 the Lutheran Church teamed up with the Oklahoma History Center to unearth, document, and preserve the treasures within.

1. A ladies' hat.

Gentry McKeown

2. Kerr dry goods.

Gentry McKeown

3. Package for the history center.

Gentry McKeown

To the Art Museum of 2013


4. Landscape painting.

Gentry McKeown

Artist: Nettie Shepherd

5. Package for the Modern Classics Club.

Gentry McKeown

From the Modern Classics Club of

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

April 22nd, A.D., 1913

To the Modern Classics Club of Oklahoma City

in the year A.D., 2013, if such a club there be,

and if it be the continuation of the

Modern Classics Club Oklahoma City

of the year A.D., 1913, or

To some other institution, if there be, into which

said Modern Classics Club shall have merged, or

if none such organization exists,

To the Leading Social and Literary Club or Organization [in]

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the year

A.D., 2013.

6. Book of Chickasaw laws.

Gentry McKeown

7. Oklahoma's first state flag.

Gentry McKeown

8. Pioneer brand desk telephone.

Gentry McKeown

9. 1913 Kodak camera model wrapped in paper.

Gentry McKeown

10. Recorded gramophone messages.

Gentry McKeown

11. Thomas Edison brand gramophone.

Gentry McKeown

12. Pastor Newton Heisler Royer.

Gentry McKeown

13. Mens' dress shoes.

Gentry McKeown

Shoes - Spring of 1913 - Retailing at $5.00
Mellon Dry Goods Co.

14. A Native American beaded garter.

Gentry McKeown

15. A letter from the Carver Chiropractic College.

Gentry McKeown

The Carver Chiropractic College and Class of 1913 deposits,

1. Carver Chiropractic Analysis

a ______ Book

2. Chiropractic Record

a gramophone

3. The Red Book

a brief _______

with the following messages

a. The Book is to be placed inside the glass case in which [rests]

the skeleton of Dr. Williard Carne with appropriate _____ and history.

Carver Chiropractic College

b. To our Friends of 2013

Love and greetings! may this book, the first that expressed the science

of Chiropractics, which is so universally your system, be read by you with pleasure

and interest. It is donated and inscribed by the author, the Dean of the CarverChiropractic College, and by the Class of 1913 with warmest love and good wishes.

16. A wax sealed letter.

Gentry McKeown

17. Quality coffee.

Gentry McKeown

18. The Oklahoma Red Book.

Gentry McKeown

19. A gentleman's suit.

Gentry McKeown

20. University of Oklahoma

Gentry McKeown

The paper beneath if reads:

University of Oklahoma
General Catalogue 1911-1912
with announcement of 1912 and 1913.

21. Bundles of letters.

Gentry McKeown

The top letter reads:

To the direct descendants of John M. and Carrie X. Sherk

To be opened by the oldest male heir present at the opening of the chest.

22. The Lutheran Almanac for 1912.

Gentry McKeown

23. Chickasaw Nation seal.

Gentry McKeown

Painted by Julia Chishohm Davenport
1/4 Chickasaw Indian, a niece of Gov. W.H. Johnson of the Chickasaw Nation.

24. Pottery made from Oklahoma clay.

Gentry McKeown

25. A copy of the Choctaw Testament.

Gentry McKeown

26. Pen used by President McKinley.

Gentry McKeown

Pen with which President McKinley signed the "Free Holmes Bill" for Oklahoma.

Gift of Mrs. Dennis Flynn, wife of Dennis T. Flynn, ten years our delegate to Congress during our Territorial days.

27. A ladies' dress

Gentry McKeown

28. A copy of The Daily Oklahoman.

Gentry McKeown

29. A map of Oklahoma City.

Gentry McKeown

30. Oklahoma State Fair first prize in 1912.

Gentry McKeown

31. Latest in ladies' fashion.

Gentry McKeown

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