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Transparent Screen App Enables Phone Addiction

You ever want to use your phone while on the street but don't because you'll run into people/walls/cars? Please, like embarrassment or death will stop us from checking Facebook. But at least now we'll see it coming.

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Well of course the photos from the app page are going to look amazing, But are they too good to be true? How well does this sucker actually work? Well, I decided to find out. But since it's hard to walk the street while using a transparent phone app AND trying to take photos of said phone app, I opted to use my wonderful cats as models instead.


As you can blurrily see, you can definitely view my cats (though not their disdain) through the app settings screen. You can change the level of transparency on this screen or rotate your camera if you're browsing in landscape mode. I encountered a few moments of lag when moving the phone quickly but for a free app it's definitely worth the download.

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