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23 Times You Should Always Take A Second Look

Which of these things are not like the others? Which of these things just do not belong?

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1. When trying to buy a literary classic.

2. After the kids bring home another stray.

3. Always when engaged in office "fridge wars."

4. BEFORE heading out to the patriotic pride parade.

5. When trusting books to impart crucial biological knowledge.

6. During a search for advice about boys.

7. Or a search about life, the universe, and girls.

8. Before throwing your hamster collection in the washer.

9. While buying your wand from an Ollivander's knock-off store.

10. Before buying non-refundable convention tickets.

11. When showering in an unfamiliar bathroom.

12. After you image search anything. Ever.

13. Even if you otter know better.

14. Before giving the green light to this advertising campaign.

15. When picking out the perfect gift from a wedding registry.

16. When choosing a daycare.

17. Or a doggy daycare, for that matter.

18. After making sure orange is still orange colored.

19. Before you stop to smell the flowers.

20. While visiting a friend's house for the first (and last) time.

21. When you're confused if rhinoceroses are mammals or dinosaurs.

22. When ordering American food from regional cuisine.

23. Before leaving to subdue the riot, lest you look silly instead of scary.

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