11 Times Umbrellas Were The Hardest Workers In Hollywood

    Is there anything more delightful than an anachronistic prop? No, no there isn't.

    1. That time when Dwarves were fashion conscious.

    2. That time Harry Potter knew his place around Professor McGonagall.

    3. That time Ser Jorah was a proper Victorian lady.

    4. That time when Ring Wraiths were worried about their hair.

    5. That time Jango Fett channeled Gene Kelly.

    6. That time umbrellas were goofing around with Idris Elba.

    7. That time we blew it all up — damn us — except for the umbrellas.

    8. That time Iron Man wouldn't share the spotlight with his umbrella.

    9. That time Dean tried to keep the fangirl tears off of him.

    10. That time the Doctor was sad his umbrella wasn't as awesome as that little girl's.

    11. And of course, that time Gandalf quietly contemplated his life choices.