23 Times Lady Superheroes Were 1000% Done

    This shit, they're over it.

    1. Wonder Woman is over the catch-and-release villain program.

    2. Seriously over it.

    3. So over it she needs to get away for a while.

    4. Valkyrie's got no time for men trying to sass mouth her.

    5. Neither does Storm, Queen of Wakanda.

    6. Kitty Pryde is over your victim blaming nonsense.

    7. And she's not above stating the elephant in the room.

    8. Red Sonja has opinions about dressing to society's expectations.

    9. Monet St. Croix imparts priceless self-esteem advice on Morrigan.

    10. Storm doesn't threaten people, she informs them.

    11. Wonder Woman has some awesome turn-ons.

    12. And equally amazing one-liners.

    13. Betty Ross understands the simplicity of a straight forward demand.

    14. Rogue knows you'll toe the line or else...

    15. Hope Summers and Scarlet Witch will end you.

    16. Emma Frost is a woman who knows her worth.

    17. She is the Queen of Snark.

    18. And she's not taking the fall for anyone's poor choices.

    19. Starling seriously has her priorities straight.

    20. Black Widow follows the Boy Scout Motto.

    21. Spider-Woman is having none of the hero's shit.

    22. Neither are Batgirl and Supergirl, especially from ignorant hero spawn.

    23. And Ms. Marvel will always call out the boys' club.