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    8 Times Being Player Two Didn't Suck

    Ugh, being the younger sibling or the visiting friend when it came to video game controller dominance was the worst. But not all secondary characters were created equal.

    8. Nana - "Ice Climbers"

    Plus this was no cooperative game, more of a blood sport.

    7. Zitz - "Battletoads"

    Until you got to this level.

    6. Diddy Kong - "Donkey Kong Country"

    And if your friends knew how to share, you could switch who was playing.

    5. Earl - "ToeJam & Earl"

    And they had sweet dance moves.

    4. Tails - "Sonic" Franchise

    Plus, you could do this.

    3. The Turtles - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

    Besides, did you ever try to beat this game alone?

    2. Red Pants - "Contra"

    Just look at this majestic co-operative play.

    1. Luigi - "Super Mario Bros." Franchise

    Besides, let's see Mario do THIS!