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    9 Things To Do With That Ancient Monitor In Your Attic

    Other than its current occupation as "spider house." Just because it's a piece of toxic garbage, doesn't mean it can't be useful.

    Chris Ritter

    Old CRT monitors are simple to disassemble, but can be dangerous if done improperly. Before embarking on any of these DIY projects, please follow these step-by-step instructions on how to gut your old monitor without seriously injuring yourself or causing it to implode.

    1. Breathe green life into your old monitor.

    Once safely disassembled, let your monitor enjoy a life in the great outdoors. Or at least help bring the outdoors in. You can get detailed instructions over here.

    2. Create a soothing water feature.

    According to the step-by-step guide, the end result is a functional fish tank. But please remember to thoroughly research what types of sea life will thrive in this pretty microtank!

    3. Put on a family night show with a puppet theater.

    Win troll parent of the year by using this this guide to transform a dead monitor into the kids' new computer. While not part of the instructions, an old CRT could also make the perfect backdrop for their next diorama project!

    4. Your cat sits on your computer anyway, so just give it to them.

    Feel free to get creative with this project. Decorate with paint or feathers, glue wooden knobs to the bottom for height, or enhance the illusion for your cat by creating heat with a pet bed warmer.

    5. Even farm animals love a cozy monitor bed.

    Swap out pillows for straw and you've got the start of an urban chicken farm.

    6. Make a magazine rack. Then remember to buy magazines.

    Created by Low Yi Siu as part of a design contest, converting an old monitor into a storage unit is as simple as picking out your furniture legs and drilling them in to the base of the CRT. Siu's model even has a secret compartment.

    7. Or just transform it into an ironic conversation piece.

    One of users at Makezine had a sense of humor when it came to trashing their old monitor. Once converted, it will fit a standard 13 gallon trash bag.

    8. Pop off the front of the monitor to make a cork board.

    Once again, wooden knobs can be glued to the bottom for stability. Of course, this also works with flat screen monitors.

    9. Frame your art with an analog digital frame.

    Sure it doesn't cycle through images, though with some technical prowess that can be done with a flat screen monitor. But it is a unique way to show off anything from photos to handmade art.