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The Zombie States Of America

We all have a zombie plan, but have you accounted for what state you live in? BuzzFeed takes the data and breaks down your survival odds based on your place of residence. Sorry, North Dakota.

Zombies. They're coming. We all know it. Whether on Dec. 21, 2012, as the Mayans predicted, or some obscure date in the near future caused by biological warfare gone wrong (thanks for nothing, science), most Americans are prepared with their personal zombie plans. But where you live might have more of an impact than your supernatural speed at shooting anything suspiciously shambly.

How would you fare? Hopper, a travel planning company, decided to find out. Using their extensive knowledge of regional America, they crunched the numbers to deduce which states were best equipped to create a brave new world in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Combing through Hopper's extensive data, BuzzFeed marked the most important stats used to rank states' survivability.

You can see the whole breakdown of how each score was tallied here.

A few caveats:

- Guns are essential to making it in a zombie wasteland, but use them sparingly. The noise alerts both the shamblers and the marauding raiders to your location.

- While the number of Walmarts is indicative of quantity of supplies, keep in mind that name recognition will make any big box deadly in the initial outbreak. Be prepared to use lethal force on both the undead and your fellow survivors.

- Hospitals have lifesaving supplies…surrounded by hordes of zombies. Before the complete breakdown of society, the infected would be transported to medical facilities where they would then bite every doctor, nurse, and elderly patient in sight. Proceed with caution.

Graphics By Buzzfeed's John Gara

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