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The Oatmeal Defends His Work From FunnyJunk

Splogs (blogs that scrape content without giving credit to original sources) are on the rise. And one breakfast food isn't going to take it anymore. The Internet is a vast series of tubes. Sometimes a blog will post something without knowing where it came from. The difference between a splog and a legitimate company is whether or not they give credit or remove content when the creator requests it.

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  • It began innocently enough. Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, took to his blog about Asking his readers what, if anything, he should do about them blatantly ripping off his comics.

  • Inman decided to send a cease and desist notice to FunnyJunk, in the futile hope that they might remove the 926 Oatmeal comics from their website. This was their response.

  • That email was sent out to every FunnyJunk user on the Internet. Soon Inman's Facebook was swamped in barely legible scrawl...which he lampooned with great gusto.

  • Want the full story? Check out Inman's post about it at The Oatmeal.

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