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    The Little-Known Story Of Captain Jack Sparrow's Origin

    He didn't just spring fully formed onto the docks of Port Royale. The social circle of pirates is surprisingly small.

    Jack Sparrow was born in the middle of the Indian Ocean during a typhoon.

    In his teens, Sparrow captained his first ship, the Barnacle.

    Turned out Dalton was James Norrington's cousin.

    In the end, rogue pirates destroyed the Barnacle.

    Bereft without his first love, Jack started working for the East India Trading Company.

    A love that would lead to a series of unfortunate events.

    But crossing a man like Beckett was not without consequences.

    Which is how he met Davy Jones.

    Agreeing to the terms, Davy Jones raised the Wicked Wench.

    And he lived happily ever after with his ship...well at least for two years.

    All information courtesy of the Pirates Wikia.