The Fabulous History Of Disney Cross-Dressing

These Disney dudes look like a lady. Could use more ladies disguised as dudes, though.

1. “The Three Caballeros” - 1944

Oh Donald, the come hither off the shoulder look is overshadowed by your lack of pants.

2. “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” - 1949

Honestly. Mr. Toad, who plans a prison break in heels? A man, that’s who.

3. “The Jungle Book” - 1967

Did Baloo know King Louie’s taste in women(?) ahead of time or did he just get lucky?

4. “Robin Hood” - 1973

More like Robin Hood: King of Fabulously Bold Color-Blocking.

5. “Aladdin” - 1992

6. “The Lion King” - 1994

Timon went straight “dress in drag and do the hula” a little too quickly for it not to be something he did every Friday night in the privacy of his (and Pumbaa’s) room.

You’re welcome.

Because you can’t mention Mulan without listening to this song. It’s the law.

8. “The Emperor’s New Groove” - 2000

“Bless you for coming out in public.”

9. “Lilo & Stitch” - 2002

10. Honorable Mention: “Sleeping Beauty” - 1959

Surely one of those animals is a girl.

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