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    The Definitive Ranking Of Disney's Most Insane Villains

    There's evil and then there's unhinged. At least 19 of Disney's animated villains may actually be psychopaths.

    19. Lady Tremaine - "Cinderella"

    A calculating social climber with ugly daughters in a time where daughters meant a dowry, a financial strain even if the girl in question was beautiful? That sure sounds stressful, but taking it out on the one person who could actually hope to marry up is bad business.


    18. Gaston - "Beauty & The Beast"

    Nothing says sanity like planning an entire wedding to a woman who doesn't even like you. And only a person with a clean bill of health would bribe an asylum to lock up her father while you run off to murder her boyfriend because she turned you down.

    Plummeting to his death barely covered his comeuppance.

    17. Evil Queen - "Snow White"

    Becoming the thing you fear most in order to murder someone who is no threat to you yet instead of taking them under your wing and molding them into a minion?

    The queen is not the brightest tool in the shed.

    16. Doctor Facilier - "The Princess & The Frog"

    His evil was so evil, he had to import it from ANOTHER DIMENSION. That is some seriously bad juju.

    Taking up with a devil and believing you'll come out ahead isn't a thing sane people think.

    15. Jafar - "Aladdin"

    Power-hungry advisors are so cliche. Power-hungry advisors with talking parrots, vast magical towers no one else seems to know about (?) and hypnotizing staves used only for the most banal causes are not.

    Massive evil points for forced slavery.

    14. Maleficent - "Sleeping Beauty"

    Bitch cursed a baby to die because she didn't get invited to a party.

    That ain't right.

    13. Mother Gothel - "Tangled"

    This woman kidnapped a child and then kept said child in shiny gilded cage for 18 years in exchange for eternal beauty. Out of "love," she kidnapped her daughter's beau, then when that didn't work, stabbed him to death in front of her.

    Emotional abuse doesn't even begin to cover it.

    12. Madame Medusa - "The Rescuers"

    What's the easiest way to reach the world's largest diamond trapped in a flooded mine shaft? Obviously it's to kidnap a little girl and force her to search for it while the waters rise instead of sending in your overly intelligent crocodiles.

    Oh, wait...

    11. Ursula - "The Little Mermaid"

    Holding a grudge is all well and good, but when a convoluted plan involving turning the daughter of your enemy into another species for three days in the hopes she'll fail, thus giving you the right to transform her into living seaweed to lure her father out so he'll offer himself in her place sounds better than "hold her hostage and wait," you've gone off he deep end.

    No one ever uses the easy plan.

    10. Bill Sykes - "Oliver & Company"

    Disney slipped in some dark stuff with this guy. Sykes is on the phone, explaining to an inept minion how best to torture and MURDER someone.

    Like, how do you even get away with that in a G-rated movie?

    9. Governor Ratcliffe - "Pocahontas"

    Attempts to murder a political leader to start a war that would only end in genocide. Over Virginia.

    Extreme racism is just the cherry on top.

    8. Captain Hook - "Peter Pan"

    What happens when you take a man and drop him into a land where he cannot age, cannot die, cannot find a lady friend, and is surrounded by obnoxious children?

    He snaps and tries to murder children.

    7. Cruella De Vil - "101 Dalmatians"

    She wants to wear the skin of puppies.

    Let me repeat that: SHE WANTS TO WEAR THE SKIN OF PUPPIES.

    6. Man - "Bambi"

    What kind of sport hunter kills a doe with a fawn, shoots the fawn, leaves his campfire going after he packs up camp, and subsequently burns down the entire forest?

    One made of pure evil.

    5. Walrus and the Carpenter - "Alice in Wonderland"

    We could've put the Red Queen here but, to be honest, she's no more mad than anyone else in Wonderland. Meanwhile, these monsters lured SENTIENT baby oysters away from home and ate them alive.

    Cannibals. Kind of.

    4. Scar - "The Lion King"

    Murder your own brother? Check. In front of your nephew? Check. Tell your nephew it's his fault his father died and banish him to the desert where he will surely die? Check. Shack up with your brother's wife? Assumed check. Be so ruthless that every prey animal on the Savannah is dead within two years AND the rivers have run dry? Impressive check.

    Basically, Scar is a dick and controls the weather.

    3. Claude Frollo - "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"

    On top of his treatment of Quasimodo, Frollo's mode of operation when it comes to women seems to be "SLEEP WITH ME OR DIE."

    So he's pretty much Emperor of the "Nice Guys."

    2. King Candy - "Wreck-It Ralph"

    He MIND-WIPES an entire populace so they forget the fact that their real ruler is a little girl who he physically disabled so she wouldn't be able to beat him in races.

    What the actual fuck.

    1. The Coachman - "Pinocchio"

    Here is a man who kidnaps young boys, takes them Pleasure Island (RED FLAG!), and takes pleasure in torturing them, including ripping their clothes off once they are in donkey form and cannot protest.

    Anyone else need a shower and hug?

    Honorable Mention: Hades - "Hercules"

    Definitely evil, but his long con to take over Olympus requires a measure of cold, sane calculation.

    It takes some mega-watt charm to make audiences like you despite your mission to kill your nephew.

    Honorable Mention: Yzma - "The Emperor's New Groove"

    Sure, Yzma wanted to take over the throne, but Kuzco was a pretty terrible person.

    Her only real fault was in insulting Kronk's spinach puffs.