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The Cast And Creators Of "Sleepy Hollow" Talk Sexy Demons And Starbucks Drinks

Oh, and some stuff about the show too. If you're into that.

How does Katrina feel about the internet wanting Ichabod and Abbie to hook up?

Katia Winter: I don’t think Katrina is particularly happy about that. I don’t think she senses that just yet, but if she will at some point, she’ll get a little upset — and you wouldn’t want to upset a witch. It’d be the wrong thing to do.

Tom Mison: You’re playing with fire. She’s a witch. She has very powerful friends and I worry for Abbie.

Nicole Beharie: (Looks nervous) Well, we haven’t established there’s anything improper going on.

Is Katrina even alive, making Ichabod still married? Or is she just a spirit?

Alex Kurtzman: Let’s just make it clear?

Len Wiseman: Sure.

AK: She is alive and she’s trapped.

Heather Kadin: She’s a living human being trapped in a purgatory. You’re going to see a lot more of that coming up and a lot more of how she got there.

Fans want to see Ichabod and Abbie together, but Irving doesn’t have a ship yet. BuzzFeed wants to change that. Can we hook him up with the Headless Horseman caution sign?

20th Century Fox Television

Orlando Jones: Done. Sure. DONE. Honestly, that you’d ask that question of me is embarrassing. I’ve got the sign in my office right now. I got that sign pregnant three times. Now, here’s the thing; the sign’s all weird because I don’t really do yellow and black babies, you know what I’m saying. Cuz I’m like, “I’m not birthing a Steelers fan, I’m already a Steelers fan. So you want to birth a Cowboy and insert [the baby] into their coven and take them down from the inside.” So yeah, I ship that sign. Heavily.

Wait so Captain Irving is in a coven?

OJ: Everybody in the show is in one of the covens, it’s just a question of which one they’re in. But that’s as far as they let me [say].

What do you think your character’s favorite Starbucks drink is?

TM: [Ichabod] would go simple. As soon as you start putting weird syrups — and I think I saw there’s a weird pumpkin one for Halloween — no, he wouldn’t be having that. Just a coffee. Just a black coffee. No mucking about.

OJ: My character does not drink Starbucks. Fake branding, you know what I’m saying. Irving is not a Starbucks guy, he's high-strung enough already.

NB: A double espresso, black. That’s it.

Do you do your own stunts?

20th Century Fox Television

TM: Most of them, until people in suits start saying, “Don’t you dare do that.” And then a very brilliant man called John Gilbert who looks uncannily similar to me comes in and does that. Unless there is cold water [involved], then I just step back. It was weird when I took a picture of [John Gilbert] in some weird contraption and sent it to my mum and she said, “Oh my god, you look so great up there!”

NB: Some of them. I’m honored to say I’ve done most of them. But there was one where there was a massive shoot-out and I had to dive into a bush, and that was not me.

OK, we're going to play a game. Fuck, Marry, Kill: The Demon Edition.

20th Century Fox Television
20th Century Fox Television
20th Century Fox Television

Your options are Moloch, the Headless Horseman, and The Sandman.


Katia Winters and Tom Mison


KW: Probably marry the Headless Horseman. Kill Moloch, and sleep with the Sandman — he’s not a bad guy.

TM: I have to fuck one of them? Are there no lady demons? I could dry-hump one of them. I will dry-hump the Horseman just for the alliteration. Definitely kill [Moloch], he’s very unpleasant. But then marry the Sandman?! But he can’t talk so I can just shove him in the corner with his spooky fingers.

Nicole Beharie and Orlando Jones

NB: I would sleep with the Horseman because, you know, minus the head, everything else looks good — and who needs a face? I would marry the Sandman and kill Moloch because he is causing all the trouble.

OJ: OK, fuck the Headless Horseman, that’s easy. You don’t even have to put a bag over his head because he ain’t got no head. Marry, wow. Let’s marry Moloch because at least he seems like he’s in charge, you know what I’m saying? I don’t need you women no more. I’m my own person. I mean, who amongst us hasn’t had sex with a demon? I think we all have. And last but not least, kill blurry man.

Phil Iscove and Heather Kadin


HK: Kill Moloch because he’s gross.

Phil Iscove: And has no genitals.

HK: How do you know he has no genitals?

PI: Oh, um, OK, Heather, have you thought about this more than I have?

(Both laugh)

HK: Marry Headless because he seems like a protector.

PI: And has clothes!

HK: Sandman is a one-night-stand fun time.

Alex Kurtzman and Len Wiseman


AK: Headless horseman, fuck — more orifices. Marry Moloch. I feel he’s very dedicated to his mission, that’s what you look for in a mate. You look for passion, you look for someone who’s committed. And definitely kill the Sandman.

LW: I’d probably fuck the Headless Horseman because I wouldn’t have to see him, I wouldn’t have to see what his sex face was, that would help. Marry Sandman, and kill Moloch.

The show does a good job of inverting the theme that minorities die first in horror. Was that on purpose?

20th Century Fox Television

AK: We’re very proud of that.

LW: Wait, are we being advertised as “we kill white people”?

AK: We really wanted to set up the stage that you don’t know who will be killed and the surprise of anyone could be killed.

HK: It was not a conscious effort, but it was a conscious effort to have a diverse cast just to represent our world. I don’t think it’s realistic for the whole cast to be white. I also think when you are developing a show and casting it mostly Caucasian and you get down to the bad guy and the network is like, "You have to have some diversity," then all of the sudden...that’s why the person of color is always killed. And because we have so much diversity in our cast and we’ve had the freedom to cast our villains and victims however we want, so we can kill as many white people as we want.

And finally, what is the official ship name for Icabod and Abbie?

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