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The Cast And Creators Of "Sleepy Hollow" Talk Sexy Demons And Starbucks Drinks

Oh, and some stuff about the show too. If you're into that.

How does Katrina feel about the internet wanting Ichabod and Abbie to hook up?

Is Katrina even alive, making Ichabod still married? Or is she just a spirit?

Fans want to see Ichabod and Abbie together, but Irving doesn’t have a ship yet. BuzzFeed wants to change that. Can we hook him up with the Headless Horseman caution sign?

Wait so Captain Irving is in a coven?

What do you think your character’s favorite Starbucks drink is?

Do you do your own stunts?

OK, we're going to play a game. Fuck, Marry, Kill: The Demon Edition.

Your options are Moloch, the Headless Horseman, and The Sandman.


Katia Winters and Tom Mison

KW: Probably marry the Headless Horseman. Kill Moloch, and sleep with the Sandman — he’s not a bad guy.

TM: I have to fuck one of them? Are there no lady demons? I could dry-hump one of them. I will dry-hump the Horseman just for the alliteration. Definitely kill [Moloch], he’s very unpleasant. But then marry the Sandman?! But he can’t talk so I can just shove him in the corner with his spooky fingers.

Nicole Beharie and Orlando Jones

NB: I would sleep with the Horseman because, you know, minus the head, everything else looks good — and who needs a face? I would marry the Sandman and kill Moloch because he is causing all the trouble.

OJ: OK, fuck the Headless Horseman, that’s easy. You don’t even have to put a bag over his head because he ain’t got no head. Marry, wow. Let’s marry Moloch because at least he seems like he’s in charge, you know what I’m saying? I don’t need you women no more. I’m my own person. I mean, who amongst us hasn’t had sex with a demon? I think we all have. And last but not least, kill blurry man.

Phil Iscove and Heather Kadin

Alex Kurtzman and Len Wiseman

The show does a good job of inverting the theme that minorities die first in horror. Was that on purpose?

And finally, what is the official ship name for Icabod and Abbie?