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15 Terrible Love Lessons We Learned From Disney Princesses

So much for true love.

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1. If you want your crush to like you, change everything about yourself.

2. Lying about your age is a totally acceptable thing.

3. Stalking is the quickest way to man's heart...and bed.

4. Guys love it when you act uninterested.

5. Passing out in the home of seven strange guys is a safe and sane choice.

6. A guy cutting in on you at the club is hot, not creepy.

7. Boys are super cute when they kidnap you.

8. A man who lies about his background would never lie to you about other things.

9. Waking up to assault is no cause for alarm.

10. Because silence is consent, duh.

11. Marrying a dude you just met will in no way end terribly.

12. Because if you try hard enough, you can change him.

Walt Disney Studios

13. Even if you're a princess, your place is taking care of your man/men.

14. No matter the grievance, you can buy your way to forgiveness.

Walt Disney Studios

15. And always remember, it's what's on the outside that counts.

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