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21 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2013

If only Isaac Asimov could see us now. There's an old saying that science fiction is really just predicting — or helping prevent — the future.

1. Glow-in-the-dark ice cream. Repeat. Glow. In. The. Dark. Ice. Cream.

2. Also available: genetically modified glow-in-the-dark sheep.

3. Motorola files a patent for smartphone tattoos.

4. Program allows user to remotely move objects with their hands.

5. Scientists create Matrix-esque artificial womb.

6. Print your own customized 3D tooth mold to brush your teeth.

7. Medical breakthrough allows pill-sized camera instead of invasive scopes.

8. This adorable segmented spy worm will find your secrets.

Created by the Carnegie Mellon University biorobotics lab, this undulating segmented robot has disaster recovery teams hopeful it will assist in traversing small gaps and dangerous to reach areas during search and rescue.

9. NASA takes a core sample...from Mars.

10. Man defies illegal download PSA, creates downloadable car.

Dubbed the Urbee 2, the futuristic vehicle is created using a spray of molten polymer and weighs in at just under 1,200 pounds once the metal engine is added in. The creators hope to drive the prototype from San Francisco to New York on a single tank of gas.

11. The world's first fully mind-controlled synthetic leg goes for a stroll.

12. Scientists invent real life "spider sense" suit.

13. Medical pioneers replace part of a patient's skull with a 3D implant.

14. Two rats have their brains telepathically linked.

15. And laboratory mice are successfully implanted with false memories.

16. A robotics hobbyist created a giant robot in his backyard.

17. A baby born with HIV is essentially cured for the first time.

18. A research team creates a paper-thin robot skin that responds to touch.

19. The first human-made object exits the solar system.

20. In Hamburg, a new apartment complex is powered by algae.

21. Portable device allows users to see through walls.