14 Science-Fiction Fashions That Are Now Reality

    Eat your heart out, Jane Jetson. From genetically mutated silkworms to the beginnings of a closet full of 3-D printed outfits, fashion is on the cutting edge of science.

    1. Engineered silkworms spin glow-in-the-dark silk.

    2. Meanwhile, fiber-optic fabric comes alive.

    3. Dresses transform with a flick of the wrist.

    4. Flirty foils become transparent with arousal.

    5. Shake-and-spray fabric comes from a can.

    6. Connect to social media all day, every day.

    7. Seriously, never unplug again. Ever.

    8. Garments are aware of the approach of strangers.

    9. Embedded aromatherapy de-stresses workers.

    10. Solar bikini charges your phone while you tan.

    11. Mood sweaters replace mood rings.

    12. Bat your eyes, send a message.

    13. Test the air quality with smart clothes.

    14. Print out your own haute couture.