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    Science Creates Self-Aware Drone Swarms

    This will end well. A team of Swiss researchers have created the next generation of borderline science-fiction robot spies.

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    Each Distributed Flight Array (DFA) consists of any number of quad-rotor drones. The autonomous robots are self-aware enough to find each other and form a swarm before taking to the air since no DFA can fly alone. With absolutely no central authority.

    As they sync up into more and more complex shapes, each individual drone decides how best to help the team stay aloft. For example, in a T-shape, half the robots instinctively start their engines going clockwise -- and the other half counter-clockwise -- to lessen the torque.

    In practice this mean the DFA can band together and then land in various locations to dislodge a single member of their swarm. Once on the ground, each drone has three omni-directional wheels to keep it going no matter the terrain.

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    Here we see the DFA Swarm aligning into a flight pattern.

    Surely they are flying off on a mission of mercy.

    Or maybe they just want to play Tetris.

    Just in case though, maybe don't push them?